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Hazardous Waste Compliance

Companies face enforcement actions and significant penalties for failing to comply with federal and state hazardous waste regulations. The definition of a hazardous waste generator is confusing, and companies may not realize their operations generate hazardous waste. Hazardous waste encompasses more than waste generated by chemical manufacturers; it can include common consumer products such as cosmetics, perfumes and hair coloring, as well as batteries, broken bulbs and laboratory waste. 

Regulations require hazardous waste to be properly characterized and disposed. In addition, companies may be required to file hazardous waste reports, prepare hazardous waste plans and conduct employee training. Many states impose additional regulatory requirements.

Our Services 

With experience in working across multiple industries, including consumer health product manufacturers and distributors and various industrial manufacturers, we assist clients in several ways, including:

  • Conducting audits to identify and classify hazardous waste streams
  • Preparing hazardous waste reports and plans
  • Conducting in-house hazardous waste training.